We are a Ugandan registered non-profit making organization that is focused mainly on using indigenous knowledge to build sustainable communities that collectively work and earn their livelihoods while addressing the social and environmental challenges that face the African continent.

Our Programs

AIBIS works through building synergies with both local and international networks to harness benefits associated with collaborative interventions.

Food Sovereignity And Agro-Forestry.

Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples, communities, and countries to define their own agricultural…

Youth & Climate Justice Programme.      

AIBIS implements a climate programme in response to SDGs 13 which calls for urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts and SDG 7….

Sound Use And Management Of Chemicals

Many people and communities around the world are exposed to numerous harmful chemicals, chemicals products and chemicals wastes.

Women’s Right To Land

women’s rights to own land and use land gainfully are still not matching up with the responsibilities they have at family level.